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e 8th International Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference (GGAA) 2022

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Summer 6-5-2022

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Orlando, Florida

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Livestock is a key to nutrition and food security. Livestock is key to livelihoods, and it is calculated that there are 400 million poor animal keepers.

There are two indicators of gas emissions. One is the GDP in $US per ton of CO2e, and the other is the gobs created per ton of CO2e. For this presentation, the comparison of interest is agriculture vs. other productive activities. So, at the broad word level, around 300% more GDP is produced from other goods than from agricultural goods per ton of CO2e. Even in high-income countries, there is 700% more GDP/CO2e than in the agricultural sector. However, the job scenario is another story. At word broad level agriculture sector generate 0.12 jobs/Ton CO2e vs. 0.06 jobs/Ton CO2e, and in the high-income countries are developed 0.03 jobs/Ton CO2e in the agriculture sector vs. less than 0.01 jobs/Ton CO2e in all other industry of production.



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