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Born on September 10, 1917, in Jefferson City, Harriet Robinson is a child of two Lincoln University alumni. Robinson and her siblings also attended Lincoln Laboratory School and the University, but she was unable to finish her degree due to the Depression. Robinson worked in retail until she entered a federal re-training program. In 1969 she was hired at Lincoln University as a switchboard operator, and later worked as a library assistant at Page Library. For twenty-three years, Robinson helped students and faculty with their research, retiring in 1992. While at Page Library, she also had other responsibilities, such as keeping the Lincoln Collection. She recognized the historical importance of objects, salvaging things such as the “Blue Tiger” Café Window. Robinson has assisted people working on graduate and doctoral degrees, and several books have been dedicated to her. Her knowledge of Lincoln University is extensive, and many are fortunate that she has always shared her passion for history.


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