Training Attended

College Language Association Convention

Training Date

Spring 4-4-2018

Training Location

Chicago, Illinois

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2018


The 2018 College Language Association (CLA) entitled “Native Sons/Daughters and Immigrants in the Black Metropolis” centered on interdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities. The convention highlights the future of language arts in the world of academia. Several professors and graduate students across the country presented papers on topics like hip-hop, global warming, technology, and study abroad programming. Without question, the new-age scholars are committed to preparing today’s students to become global citizens. Additionally, the experts presented innovative pedagogy to make literature more engaging for our learners.

My paper entitled “The Seeds Hatched” centered on hip-hop’s lyricism demonstrating the effects of intergenerational and transgenerational trauma on Black adolescent identity formation. The paper concentrated on hip-hop fatherhood narratives that address African American fathering experiences as it relates to multiple acts of suffering. All the narratives center on emcees’ reflecting on their personal traumas associated with fatherlessness because of gun violence, negligence, and drug addiction. Notably, I explored generational curses in father-son relationships affected by substance abuse, domestic abuse, and cycles of violent behavior. These reality raps can be read as counter-narratives to offset the textual influences of media-based stereotypes on Black male identity. My paper examined trauma and its influence on the construction of Black male identity and fatherhood in hip-hop lyricism.

It is my hope I can develop a hip-hop course at Lincoln University that would include the innovative features I learned at the conference. I am committed to preparing all Lincoln University students to become global citizens.


The 2018 College Language Association (CLA)



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