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American Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 2024 Annual Meeting

Training Date

Spring 3-19-2024

Training Location

Chicago, Illinois

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With my Title III funds, I attended the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) 2024 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois which took place from Tuesday, March 19th through Saturday, March 23rd. While I did not present at the conference, I used my time attending sessions to help formulate ideas about future research and to learn more about experiential learning practices, a type of teaching Lincoln University is promoting. I began the conference by attending a special two-hour training course on “crimmigration” research on Tuesday. With a focus on researching illegal immigration, the training moved into how to use participatory action research methods, which utilize accounts by members of the community affected by the research, to generate data. These methods can also be applied to research in prisons and juvenile justice, two areas of research I am also interested in to make the workshop very valuable for me to attend. I also attended two Presidential Addresses which focused on research in the area of Juvenile Justice. These sessions were also very valuable to me. I am planning to begin two research projects in Jefferson City related to Juvenile Justice. I also attended sessions on (1) restorative Justice, and (2) teaching in prison, both also valuable for formulating possible future research. When not attending sessions in the above areas, I was attending sessions on experiential learning to formulate some ideas that I could apply to my teaching at Lincoln. In all, the conference was well worth me attending.

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