Training Attended

ASCJ 2022 Annual Meeting

Training Date

Winter 11-16-2022

Training Location

Atlanta, Georgia

Document Type


Publication Date

Winter 12-26-2022


Using Title III funds, I attended the American Society of Criminology’s (ASC) 2022 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, which took place from Wednesday, November 16th through Saturday, November 19th. Of note was the Presidential address given by Janet Lauritsen of the University of Missouri at St. Louis who stressed how politicians should utilize lessons learned from localized efforts at fighting crime in formulating their crime policies. I did not present at the conference, rather I used the conference to formulate ideas about future research and teaching. In all, I attended sessions from Thursday through Saturday on: (1) prison-based research, (2) teaching in prison, and (3) social networking research. In regard to prison-based research, I attended several sessions that involved researchers using actual prisoners as researchers in their research projects. This provided me with some ideas for conducting similar research at the local prisons associated with Lincoln University’s teaching in prison program. On teaching in prison, I attended several presentations by the ASCs Convict Criminology division where I was able to meet with Ian Ross, who authored one of the main textbooks on Convict Criminology. I will be able to use some of what we discussed at the Convict Criminology sessions in teaching with Lincoln’s prison program. Finally, I attended several sessions on social networking research. Recently, I was awarded a Department of Homeland Security grant to research labor trafficking. Attending the sessions allowed me review what other labor trafficking researchers were doing with their research.



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