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Webinar: Organizing Your Work: New Techniques for Administrative Professionals

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The backbone to any Administrative Assistant's job is process, or ability to change a process. If there is no process, there is no organization, and with no organization comes chaos. Some of the simplest processes can become monumental tasks. According to the Organizing Your Work: New Techniques for Administrative Professionals , to combat this problem take a process, and break it down step by step. Make a template to find out if the process is broken, look at what needs to be changed to get improvement, and decide what the outcome should look like. Once a process is broken down in steps it is much easier to manage, and you will get the desired end result.

Another big part of our job as Administrative Assistants is we are required to deal with many different problems from many different people on a day to day basis. This can be exhausting, especially when we are trying to complete the task given to us by our Supervisor. Before this becomes overwhelming, communicate with the Supervisor to get an idea what is considered "urgent". According to the Seminar, an Administrative Assistant should only book their day with 5 hours of work; the remaining 3 hours should be set aside for the unexpected situations. Communication and Time management are very important. Here are a few statements from the Seminar that have impacted my thought process:

Don’t let people take you time

Touch a piece of paper only once, and move on,

Adults do what works

Magic in in how you think

According to Carol Ann Caccioppoli, Instructor for ,”Stress is not what happens, it how you view what happens.” Attached you will find the Templates that were provided to our class

I highly recommend this Seminar. I feel I walked away with fresh ideas on how to tackle any project, and most importantly, how to push through processes to make them better.



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