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Fall 10-25-2020


To better develop my online courses at Lincoln University, I attended Quality Matters 2019 Annual Conference in Grapevine, Texas from Sunday, October 27th to Tuesday, October 29th. I began the conference by attend two workshops on Sunday: one that addressed researching teaching methods in online courses, and another on online course development. While both workshops were productive, the online course development workshop was particularly helpful. It was taught by two co-authors of a recent manual on online course development. I have ordered a copy of the manual, which contained many of the tips and tricks we learned in the workshop. I will able to apply concepts I learned in the course development workshop when formulating both my online and face to face classes at Lincoln for the Spring 2020 Semester. The workshop on researching online courses answered a lot of questions I had on what was involved in online teaching research. After Sunday’s workshops, I attended various conference presentations on Monday and Tuesday. I was able to attend several sessions on how to get online courses QM certified. Coupled with Sunday’s workshop, I am now confident I can develop any course and have it QM certified. I also attended several sessions on course review. I am a QM Course Reviewer and found the sessions very helpful in further developing my course review skills. In all, attending the conference enabled me to further develop my online teaching skills for which I can apply to my teaching at Lincoln University.



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