Training Attended

Women's Basketball Coaching Convention

Training Date

Spring 4-1-2018

Training Location

Columbus, OH

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 5-7-2018


There are many instances, as part of general conversation and interactions with others, the question “What do you do?” is asked. On the surface, this seems like a very simple question. However, for myself and coaches alike, this question is one that is very loaded. Yet, we simply reply, we coach. The typical response is, “Oh, okay. That’s pretty awesome and sounds like fun.” Most people tend to think that the job consist of hanging around the gym all day, encouraging, yelling, and instructing players on how to put the ball in the basket. Again, on the surface that’s a very simple way to put it. The reality is, that coaching basketball or any other sport for that matter, is way bigger than X’s and O’s.



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