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Chris Gadsden


Inman E. Page Library, Room 317, Lincoln University

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10-18-2013 11:00 AM

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10-18-2013 11:50 AM


Commentator: Bruce Ballard (Lincoln University)


Comments on Gadsden’s “Is there enough evidence for God?”

Bruce Ballard

First of all, thanks to Chris for coming up with a paper on comparatively

short notice during a very busy period in his schedule. The argument is clear

and simple, easily accessible to students. But does it work?

The question posed in the title is generally asked by those seeking a justification for belief in God. Chris rightly notes that this question will remain unsettled. Instead he directs our attention to the production of this belief: i.e. is there enough evidence to produce belief in God? Yes, says Gadsden, for the average person believes in God with little evidence needed. Actually, then, it is the fact of belief that counts as evidence that the evidence was sufficient. But what role is evidence playing here? If there really is no standard other than effectiveness in producing belief, evidence may or may not be involved. But if evidence is not necessarily a factor in belief formation, wide-scale belief will not support Gadsden’s positive conclusion.

Taking the ease with which children believe holds its own peril. Children readily form beliefs on hearsay from other children, a process requiring constant parental correction. They also easily believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy with virtually no evidence. Similarly, their ease of belief in God may not be evidence of the truth of that belief.

If “male-brainedess” explains atheism, how do we account for atheists who are not male-brained or male-brained theists? And what role does socialization play here? Gadsden would do well to address these questions on the way to his conclusion.


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No Meaning Without God

Inman E. Page Library, Room 317, Lincoln University

Commentator: Bruce Ballard (Lincoln University)