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The Lincoln University Undergraduate Bulletin is published every two years, effective from the beginning of a fall semester to the end of a summer session; and contains the academic regulations and degree requirements of the University. It also serves as a guide to the academic programs of the University and is intended to assist students in the selection of their programs of study. The information contained in this publication is current and accurate at the time of printing. However, because changes in economic conditions and/or student program needs may occur at any time within the two-year period, Lincoln University reserves the right to adjust fee schedules, admission requirements, academic policies, curricula, and other institutional regulations and requirements as necessary and to discontinue or change programs listed in the Lincoln University Undergraduate Bulletin and to cancel any class listed in a Schedule of Courses. Students will be notified of changes through office and departmental correspondence and/or institutional postings.

Students are expected to be familiar with the information contained in the Bulletin. Students are also responsible for knowing and understanding regulations and policies and for meeting all deadlines and requirements of admission, registration and degree programs. Failure to read the information provided will not be considered an excuse for noncompliance.

A student may choose to satisfy the requirements for graduation from any one Bulletin issued in the eight years prior to the awarding of a bachelor's degree or the three years prior to the awarding of an associate degree, provided that he/she was enrolled during the school year for which that Bulletin was issued.

Should revisions of the information contained in this document occur, the information will be published online and distributed through the various offices of the University. This Bulletin reflects University policy as of August 2017.

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Lincoln University Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2019